Arrange a Referral

How do I arrange a referral appointment?

The Cardiology referral clinic runs Monday to Thursday 10:00 – 12:00, or at other times by special arrangement.

Sarah AlgarTo arrange an appointment please telephone 01905 355 938 and speak to Sarah Algar RVN.

Or, fill in our Online Referral Form.

Once we have spoken to you, we will then contact the client directly to arrange a suitable time and date to see them, depending on the type/reason for the referral.

We need a full relevant veterinary history, to include blood results, radiographs, ECGs, as appropriate.

We are happy to sort out direct claim insurance with your clients with your agreement and providing they have up to date policy details with them.

We will also send out a referral pack, containing everything they will need to know for their visit.


All Payments must be made at the time of consultation, unless a direct insurance claim has been agreed and pre-authorised prior to treatment. We welcome both insured and uninsured cases.

Price Guidance (Correct as of August 2014)

Murmur investigation 

£320 – £600

Dilated Cardiomyopathy investigation

£400 – £850

 Acquired valvular heart disease                

£400 – £600

Holter monitoring (excluding examination)


Exercise test and investigation
(including offsite exercise stress testing and monitoring)

£600 – £1,000

Breed heart testing (Auscultation) including forms


Breed heart testing at shows:
Please contact Mr Fisher for half or full day rates


Upper airway examination assessment

from £500

Lower airway examination
(including radiographs and bronchoscopy)

£600 – £700

Investigations of liver disease

from £500

 Receiving your referral report

We endeavour to get a full referral report out to you within 24 hours of seeing the case.
The report will give you a full write up of what procedures were undertaken and what medication, treatment is required. We are happy to write, fax or email the report to you at your preference.

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